Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Sleep Help - Yes and No's for Baby Bedtime

Baby sleep help is crucial if you want to be one of the fortunate parents who have a toddler that goes to bed without a fuss and stays in bed throughout the night. Parents need to begin the training process with baby early, once he no longer takes feedings at night. It takes effort from both parents to help their baby have solid bedtime and sleeping habits, and is part of a child's healthy lifestyle.

This baby sleep help will educate parents on what to do and what not to do while getting their baby adjusted to a sleep routine and sleeping through the night.

What Not to Do

- Do not let your baby to get used to being rocked, driven, or walked to sleep, or any other habit forming sleep helpers.

- Do not let your baby experience anything frightening in the evenings. Such as TV show, video, jokes from siblings, or scary books.

- Don't give sugary snacks or drinks, especially in the evenings.

- No more drinks one hour before bedtime.

- Don't allow his bed to become the time out or punishment place.

-Don’t rush through the routine.

What to Do

- Adhere to a nightly bedtime routine. Consistency will get you faster results and will help create a solid sleeping pattern for your baby. Make sure the routine you follow is carried out nightly and is adhered to by anyone putting your baby to bed. Baby Sleep Help-Prep for Toddlerhood

- Try a baby massage instead of a bath. Toddler Sleep Help - Baby Massage

- Be sure your child has healthy eating habits throughout the day and evening. Health Hazards Stir - Non sleeping toddlers

- Dinner time should be at least 2 hours before bedtime.

- Keep it simple. Bedtime and naptime routines should be simple and not rushed.

- Make sure your baby gets the required exercise during the day for his age.

- Put a nap time in place and keep it consistent (Don’t over indulge on the length of time of the nap. Too long a nap will cause problems at bedtime).

- Make sure your baby gets plenty of stimulation during the day appropriate for his age.

- Prepare your baby’s bedroom for a sleep friendly environment. Help Baby Sleep through the Night-4 Lil Secrets

- Make sure eating, playing, napping, etc is on a routine basis as well, and at the same time every day.

- Put your baby to bed when he is a little drowsy but not completely asleep.

- Predictability and consistency with daily routines, nap times and bedtimes.

Adhering to the yes and no’s of baby bedtime and practicing a bedtime routine on a nightly basis is baby sleep help that supports your baby's bedtime preparations and assists him in sleeping through the night. By the time your baby reaches toddlerhood you are likely to have an independently sleeping toddler that goes to bed without the nightly nightmare and remains in bed throughout the night.


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