Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help Baby Sleep through the Night - 4 Little Secrets

Quality and quantity baby sleep is highly essential to their growth, health and well being. However, it is an area parents struggle with every night. Either from a crying toddler not going to sleep or toddler night waking, which is hard on parents and toddler.

Here are four little secrets I like to call "Bedroom Delights" to help baby sleep through the night. Use these along with your chosen toddler sleep technique or routine to help with baby sleep problems.

1. Lil' light, lavender and Music

Lavender essential oil and music are a fabulous combination to relax and sooth the senses, which can help your toddler sleep at night. Simply do the following:

Sprinkle a FEW drops of lavender essential oil on his pillow. Take care to close the bottle tightly and put in away where baby can't reach it.

Play Soft, soothing music for him, preferably orchestra music. Do this before you read the story or sing a lullaby so your baby can begin to relax.

Put a nightlight in the baby's room so he doesn't feel afraid as much when you are not there.

2. Dancing fish - An Aquarium

Putting a small aquarium in my baby's room was one of my most successful ideas. It also functions as a great night light.

- Place it in an area where he can see it as he is lying down in his bed.

- Talk to him about the aquarium and how at bedtime he can watch the fish dance to the music. Give him 1-2 things to see or look for in the tank.

- When you are winding him down tell him he doesn't need to sleep (reverse psychology) but instead he can watch the fish dance to the music in the water, but must stay lying down in bed. Remember to put orchestra music for your child when you put him into bed.

- When you put him in his bed briefly remind him of the things to look for and the dancing fish.

- Do not take too long with the story and/or lullaby. It should be brief but not rushed.

3. Lets Make a Deal

IF you notice your baby is heading toward the crying stage, while on his way to bed something you can try is to make a deal with him that you will read 2 stories instead of 1, or 2 songs instead of 1, IF he promises to stay in bed and not cry. Don't push the words "Sleep" or that he "must go to sleep now". You must stick to your promise and he must stick to his. Remind him of this. Once again, consistency is key to success.

4. Control your emotions

Do not let your baby see or feel you get agitated or affected by his crying. Often when a child sees this it tells him his parents might weaken and allow him to get away with things. If you have to, step away for a minute and take a breather. Be sure your baby is in a safe place while you do this.

Avoid a crying toddler at bedtime and a toddler night waking scenario by putting a baby sleep technique into place. Good quality baby sleep is an essential part of their growth and for parents it is necessary so they too, can get a good night sleep.

These baby sleep tips can help in getting baby to sleep through the night. They can be utilized along with the baby sleep technique you put into place.

To your parenting success,

The Parent Fairy


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