Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby and Toddler Health - 9 Items to Go Organic

For a family to purchase all it's grocery items in organic form is extremely costly, which is unfortunate because everyone has the right to be healthy and raise their children on healthy foods that are free of toxins and synthetics. But the truth is organic foods are very costly with the reasoning being the amount of time, effort, and hands on approach the organic growers have to implicate in order for their crops to be toxin and synthetic free.

It is common nowadays for parents to be much more conscious of their baby and toddler health and food intake on a daily basis, including keeping as many toxins as possible out of their body and eliminating household toxins.

According to the Organic Center of Education and Promotion, there are specific fruits and vegetables that retain pesticide residues at a higher level than others and it is these foods you should buy organic as much as possible.

The foods listed below are 9 ways to go organic and help reduce toxin exposure to your family and help keep the numbers down on your grocery bill.


* Peaches
* Strawberries
* Apples
* Nectarines
* Pears


* Celery
* Spinach
* Squash
* Sweet bell peppers

So if you are looking to keep your grocery expenses down but don't want to lose out on the value of buying organic foods, concentrate your efforts on "Go Organic" with these 9 foods and build from there.

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