Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teen Obesity - Over Weight Child To Obese Teen

Teen obesity is no longer becoming a nationwide problem, it is a nation wide problem. Approximately 70 million Americans are obese. More than one in three of all adults and one in five of all children are overweight, and unless there is intervention to assist, these children are likely to become obese by the time they are teens, which is exactly what the world is seeing today.  Over weight kids becoming obese teens.

The older a child gets the harder it is to get them on track with a healthy diet and lifestyle.  The older a child gets the harder it is for him to adhere to a healthy diet.  Lets face it, there are mouth watering goodies around us every minute and a teen normally doesn't have the discipline required to adhere to a diet when every one else around them is eating as they please. As adults we know how hard it is for us to remain on and follow a diet, so you can imagine how difficult it is for young kids and teens. 

The change needs to start at home with parents setting a good example toward healthy eating and lifestyle. Expecting an over weight or obese child to adhere to a diet while his parents are eating to their hearts content is not logical and makes the difficult task of dieting even harder for the child. When parents tell their child they need to eat healthy and exercise to remain fit, healthy and in shape but they themselves put no or little effort into doing the same, they are contradicting themselves and adding to the problem of overweight or obese teens.

If your child is over weight or obese consider making healthy lifestyle changes along side your child, setting an example and at the same time gaining fitness and health yourself. This creates a partnership throughout the struggle of weight loss and sets a positive tone and relationship between you and your child. This can also help with the emotional struggle that comes with being over weight or obese, such as depression, which is caused by lack of self esteem, bullying, and isolation.

Choose a diet and nutrition program, set goals, start the process, and together with your child walk the road of health, fitness, wellness, and a stress free lifestyle. Together with your teen eliminate obesity and gain health.

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