Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Healthy Delicious Energy Snacks

You know those snacks that once you start you can't stop? Ohhh.... the guilt after finishing a bag of potato chips while relaxing in front of the TV or computer. You can experience that same joy while munching out on energy snacks that provide the body and mind with vibrant health factors and are delicious on the taste buds. Try these healthy energy snacks to jazz up your energy levels.

Guilt no more! With these healthy, energy banging, great tasting snacks.

Soy Chips
Amazingly delicious, severely heart-healthy.

Soy Nuts
(covered in chocolate or yogurt) for a sweet but healthy snack.

Imagine! 70 calories for just 2 tablespoons!
Use your favorite veggies and dip & dunk.
Try hummus with pita bread - fresh or baked
Baked Pita Crisps recipe

Greek Yogurt
Ever tried this? It has a velvety, creamy texture and is fabulous to bake with.
Yes, I said bake with! This ones for the kids - "Little Ones" Muffins
Shshshsh...... They won't taste the veg!
How about a honey and Greek yogurt mousse?

made with Greek yogurt is to die for!
Use pita chips, veggies, or soft pita for dipping. Fabulous with roast chicken.
Raita Recipe

Beef Jerky
Nosh on these for a protein bang.
Your savory buds get treated with the smoky mesquite flavor.
Homemade Beef Jerky (It's fun and makes a great gift)


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