Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Toddler Sleep Help - Baby Sleep Massage

Do you need toddler sleep help? One of the things you can do to support your chosen baby sleep technique other than a bath, is a baby sleep massage just before bedtime.  This cuddly technique also holds health benefits because it moves the lymphatic system, which is of great assistance during times of cold and flu. 


Here is the benefits and the recipe.

The Benefits

A baby sleep massage, when administered correctly can boost immunity because it stimulates the lymphatic system. As you may know, the lymphatic system runs through the entire body and is a natural draining system that filters out unwelcome molecules and attacks microbes. It works with muscle stimulation.

During illness a lymphatic or baby sleep massage can assist in boosting a child's immunity and speed up his recovery.

A baby sleep massage is also a relaxing technique that calms, soothes and relaxes baby. It is also a wonderful bonding method and is very much enjoyed by both parents and baby.

A baby sleep massage is an effective technique to help with baby sleep problems and toddler sleep problems. Use it in place of a bath. Dim the lights, put some soft music and massage away. A baby massage can help baby sleep through the night when utilized as part of a bedtime routine.

Instructions for administering Baby Sleep Massage (Lymphatic Massage)

1. Use a natural oil such as almond oil, or vitamin E oil (especially good for children with Eczema)

2. Start at the feet and work up. Use short, firm strokes. It is important to work upwards towards the heart, as this is what drains the lymph nodes.

For a sore throat

1. Use a Eucalyptus oil.

2. Gently but firmly massage the lymph nodes in the neck beginning from the jaw line and loving slowly down to the collar bone. The massage pressure should cause SLIGHT discomfort but not pain.

3. Do this for 15-20 minutes. This will decongest the lymph nodes and allow them to heal.

Giving your baby a baby sleep massage - A  simple task with high reward.


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