Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cooking Healthy Family Meals - Once A Month

Cooking healthy family meals pretty much top the list these days with parents making healthier food choices and meals for their family. One common question many parents ask themselves everyday is, "How can I find any free time when I spend so much of my time in the kitchen!"  Yes, cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks is a lot of preparation, a lot of cooking, and a lot of time.

Let's face it even if you are a person who loves cooking,  such as I do, the time to self indulge in cooking and fancy unique ingredients is simply not on the chopping board with our busy schedules and lifestyles. Instead cooking healthy family meals takes the lead. 

Frugal Mom has done something really really awesome for us parents! She has provided us with a guide for cooking once a month with the outcome being a freezer full of meals. Yes you read it correctly! Does it work? Yes it does! Are the meals healthy? Yes they are! Are they tasty even after being frozen? Yes they are! As far as I am concerned Frugal Mom has hit the nail right on the head, helping parents find time for other things besides living in their kitchens.

Here is why this guide is priceless.

  • Simple meal times with the meal already done keeping nicely in the freezer.
  • Cooking once a month gives you your much needed free time to tend to other important matters or to do something for yourself.
  • Once a month cooking is a "save money" treat
What do you get with the guide?
  • Complete step by step instructions
  • Over 70 family friendly meal recipes - tried and tested
  • Forms to help you stay organized
  • A chance to save some money
  • A more simplified life with more time for your kids, your spouse and yourself.
  • An online support group
  • Formatted for "easy to print"
  • A bonus "Bulk Freezing - Ground Beef
  • A money back guarantee - although you won't need it
With a great idea, a professional approach, and a God send to parents, Frugal Mom has all of the above and gives us a way of cooking healthy family meals once a month.  With all this she has kept the price of her guide to a minimum making it easily affordable. You can view comments from others who have purchased her guide and find out more details at:

A Freezer Full of Meals!


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