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Live Stress Free At Home - 14 Stress Reducers

Regardless of who you are, or how much money you make, or how successful you are - stress is a part of everyday life. The more one cares about life and everything it encompasses, it seems the more stress one is capable of having. Reducing stress and utilizing stress relief mechanisms that suit you and your life style is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves.

Home life stress is one that tends to be constant and consistent. Many people simply think they have gotten used to but they have simply gotten used to it being around. I it ironic that parents have so much responsibility laying on their shoulders when it comes to doing right by their kids, that it is impossible not to stress, yet at the same time living a stress free life aids in longevity. Well, don't we all want to be around to see our kids grown up, successful, and enjoy our grand kids?

Home stress is due to various issues stemming from relationship issues to youth problems, worrying about the future, worrying about future finances, your child's education money, your child's future, trying to do everything perfect and always trying to be the perfect parent, and spouse, to name just a few.

Basic Thinking To Control Stress

It takes practice everyday to get your mind used to focusing in a different direction other than your fifty million worries. You have to take that focus and turn it around into something positive and stay there.

Retrain your mind where to focus when you worry by:
  • Not worrying about many things at one time. Take one day at a time and each day you only get to worry about one thing (if you must worry about something)
  • Focusing on the present day, that morning, or afternoon or evening, instead of worrying about the future. A person cannot change their future, they can only do the best they can, work hard, take care of themselves, etc.
  • Everyday wake up and tell yourself it is going to be a good day. Don't think any differently. Pretend if you have to that all is well and tell yourself all will be well and all is well. Practice to believe this in your heart and mind, and allow positive flow throughout your body, mind and day to day activities.
Stress Relief Do's and Don't s

  • Do get your body on the move. Sports, yoga, hiking, a brisk walk. Make something you enjoy but keeps you physically on the move. The more durable your body the more durable it is to combat the effects of stress and help fight off illnesses related to stress.
  • Do eat a balanced diet.
  • Do reduce caffeine in your diet.
  • Do drink Green Tea.
  • Do manage your time. Rushing all the time or always having to do everything at a high pace because you are in a hurry or running late adds fatigue to you and the people around you. Manager your time so that you are able to do things at a normal pace, in a normal time frame. You will find you are in a better state of mind throughout your busy schedule.
  • Do get plenty of rest. Try and keep yourself on a sleep schedule allowing for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Nap in the afternoon if you can and when the opportunity knocks.
  • Do engage in a social life and surround yourself with acquaintances and friends. Hearing about other people's life can often times make us feel better about our own, and more appreciative of what we have and where we are in life. Social engagements also help the mind to relax and focus on other things and people around.
  • Do quit smoking. Smoking, although you think you are helping yourself at a stressful point when you have the cigarette, the physical effect is actually the opposite. The nicotine is aiding your stress, weakening body parts and functions that naturally help you cope with stress.
  • Do simplify your finances and schedule as best you can. Every little bit helps so don't be put off if you can't make major changes. Making small changes over a period of time will end in a larger simplicity later on.
  • Do engage in a fun activity at least 2-3 times a week. Whatever fun is to you - do it. Give it priority.
  • Do engage in a calming activity every day. This could be a stress related exercises, such as yoga, meditation, music therapy, breathing exercises, or taking a quiet walk. Whatever it is there should be no interruptions, no phones, no TV. Just you and your own quiet relaxing world. You do not get to worry at this time! Go to a pretend world, a place where all your worries and fears cannot touch you. This takes time to master but it is worth the effort and will help you find peace and serenity.
  • Do keep a journal and add an entry at least 4 times a week. Do not just write the negative but also the good, the positive, the funny, and the unexpected.
  • Do not procrastinate. When things are left undone or situations are not faced, and left hovering above you like a dark cloud, they will add stress to your life and fatigue to your body.
  • Do not be aggressive (this takes time and often requires professional help, depending on how deep or often the aggression). Instead assert your feelings, beliefs, preferences, etc. Work on not being aggressive or passive.
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs for stress relief. Not only are you asking for a huge problem in many areas but when you are not on the alcohol or drugs you will not be able to cope in reality, thus causing you and your body stress, anxiety and fatigue. You must learn to cope on your own and use your own inner strength and knowledge to distress.
Many people think that they don't need to be concerned with stress reducers unless they are encountering something bad in their life. But the truth is, at that time, it is simply more obvious to you because of the harshness of the situation. If you get yourself in a position to distress regularly and do the things that help keep stress and it's harsh effects at bay as much as possible, you will be better prepared and emotionally stronger for the times of deep serious stress and will find you are more likely to recover better, faster, and can be more of a rock for the people around you that need you. You will also be less prone to depression as you age and will age better in many physical aspects.

If you are a parent it is highly recommended that you have stress relief routine on your agenda everyday, to better handle life's many ups and downs, shocks and hair raising events. Be prepared for them mentally and physically to help you bounce back on track. You will be better for yourself and all those who love and need you.

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