Saturday, November 7, 2009

Natural Remedy For Constipation

Not only is constipation uncomfortable but it also means toxins are trapped in the body, as you are not able to relieve yourself means your gut is not able to perform the release of toxins. Over the counter constipation medicines are not usually administered to young children with the exception of a suppository, which is not easy to administer, difficult on a young child, and cannot be used too often. So why not whip up a natural remedy at home that is safe and effective for child use, and also houses health benefits that come from the nutrients of flax seeds.

This natural remedy for constipation is effective and child-use safe.  Why not give it a shot!

Constipation Natural Home Remedy


-1 tbls flax seeds
- 1/3 cup of clean water
- 1 glass or cup


1.Add the flax seeds to the water.
2.Cover to keep the water clean.
3.Allow them to soak overnight.
4.Drink in the morning on an empty stomach

Usually, doctors won't prescribe an over the counter medicine for constipation to a baby, toddler or pre-schooler, except a suppository, which is not easy to administer and parents often take their child to the doctor to have it done. But this constipation natural remedy does not have side effects like over the counter medication, is easier to use, more cost effective, and is an effective remedy, that can be used whenever constipation rears it's ugly head.


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