Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Accessory to Motherhood - Great Camera Shots

A useful accessory to motherhood is the ability to take great pictures that capture the precious moments and darling faces that encompass your journey as a mother. Motherhood requires quite a few talents - so add one more to your list of accomplishments and try these suggestions for taking great pictures and capturing memorable moments.

Taking impressive photos is not difficult but does require some practice. Once you master it it is well worth the effort.


Use soft side lighting (try to avoid using a flash). Using a flash can cause some images to lose dimension. However, if your photo requires a flash to capture the emotion or expression then use the flash. More Lighting Techniques


It is preferable to dress your child in solid colored clothes. This helps your little one to stand out more in the photo, as apposed to her fabulous outfit getting all the attention in the photo. Avoid hair accessories that pull and irritate so that your child is comfortable and more cooperative.

Getting Cooperation and Keeping It

Kaysh Shinn of "Baby Wrangler" suggests you squat down low so that you are eye level with your child. This will enable you to interact better with your child and helps your child feel she has a little friend, as apposed to only a parent.

  • While behind the camera play peek a boo and use a noisemaker to grab attention and create laughter, which will bring on priceless expressions from your little one.
  • To get them to look at the camera you can ask them where something is in the camera. For example: "Do you see the fairy here in the camera - look, where is the fairy?"
  • Don't force your little one to pose. Allow them to wander while you use antics to make them laugh, move, and look at the camera.

Choose a time of day when your little one is in high spirits. Is it after the nap? Or maybe after the bath?

Red Eye

Don't use the red eye reduction option on your camera. There is a moment of delay before the picture is captured which can cause you to miss the moment you were waiting for.

Eye Contact

Your little one having eye contact with the camera is not always necessary and often times is not preferred. Personality, especially in children is often more potent in a photo. Let laughter and personality dominate the picture as apposed to direct eye contact.

Have dad kneel behind you, slightly to the right or left and bring on his silly side to make your little laugh or give expressions you know you want on camera. If your little one has a certain expression when he sees something he cant explain then have dad do what is necessary to bring that expression on while you snap the shot.

A Learning Tool with an added advantage

Once your child is a toddler of about 2 1/2 - 3 years, you can teach them how to take pictures. Most kids love to use a camera but your little one will know how to actually take a pretty good picture - all by his self. Wouldn't that be impressive?!

This is a picture my 3 year old took of her favorite dish mom makes. She has taken quite a liking to photography and now, at 4 years old, has her own digital camera, takes pictures at all our outings and special occasions and downloads them! A great learning tool for independent play and one less task for mom!

Taking impressive, skillful pictures will enable you to capture precious moments, expressions, group activities and is a fun, useful skill to teach the kids. Add this accessory to your other talents as a mom and build your picture collection with shots that will bring memories to life with smiles, laughter and warmth of heart.


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